Key Benefits

We have developed a very effective tool for your social media marketing. It is all automated and with a few settings you are able to showcase your products to thousands of twitter user and drive a massive traffic to your shopify store.


Effective Marketing

Botx helps you market your products to your followers via automated tweets and It is free at the moment.


Schedule tweets

Botx uses the concept of schedule tweets and tweets a random product every set interval time for you.


Expand your brand

While we take off your worry of marketing, you go and expand your brand and focus on any other business issue you may have.

Design And Plan Your Business Growth Steps

Use our staff and our expertise to design and plan your business growth strategy. Botx team is eager to advise you on the best opportunities that you should look into


Search For Optimization Wherever Is Possible

  • Basically we'll teach you step by step what you need to do
  • In order to develop your company and reach new heights
  • Everyone will be pleased from stakeholders to employees

Multiple Pricing Options

At the moment, It is free for all the users but We've prepared pricing plans for all budgets which will come into effect at a later stage.

Just to see what can be achieved


  • Improve Your Online Marketing
  • Automate Your Marketing
  • Logs Of Tweets Sent From Us
  • Collected Data Management
  • More Tool and Enhancement

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Botx is one of the easiest and feature packed marketing automation apps in the market. Discover what it can do for your shopify store right away.

  • Automate your online marketing activities and get results today
  • Showcase your products to targeted customers
  • Convince them to buy your company's awesome products
  • Save precious time and invest it where you need it the most
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About The Team

Meat our team of specialized marketers and business developers which will help you research new products and launch them in new emerging markets


Naseem Sarwar



Franz Cordan

Business Developer


Shakeela Zman

Software Engineer


Mary Villalonga

Product Manager

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